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September 2019: Marie completed a Master’s in Environmental Studies. Her report focuses on interactions of children and youth with farm-based education through an action-based community research project, Rad Kids Farm Camp, that she ran from 2015-2017 on an agro-ecological family farm on Howe Island, Ontario. This report explores potentialities for building food sovereignty through experiential agro-ecological farm-based learning opportunities for children who participated in the camp. Findings reveal that there were transformations in campers’ agro-ecological attitudes, behaviours, and stronger connections made between community and farm. Introducing a new term, “agro-ecological consciousness”, she suggests that farm-based education projects can be a pathway helping to support struggles towards food sovereignty. Read the report here:  Bencze.RadKidsFarmCamp.CaseStudy.2019

May 2019: After interviewing Karen Campbell from Everdale, Jen Rashleigh from Farmers on 57th, Patty Milligan from Northlands, and Sanjana Tarranum from Roots to Harvest, Marie Bencze wrote a report for organizations and groups looking to create or expand on farm-based education projects. With recommendations, barriers, programming and content ideas identified, farm-based education can continue to grow by learning from the experiences of these 4 excellent projects: FarmBasedEducationReport2019Bencze

February 2018: Listen to the NFU Local Food Advocates episode with Marie Bencze from Rad Kids: Three Best Ways to Integrate Food and Farm into the Classroom

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August 2015:

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