Rad Kids was started in July 2015. The overarching goal of the project is to do a small part towards building a food-secure future, by working with kids. The more we raise the next generation to have the skills and knowledge to grow food and raise animals, and to do so with a mind to protect land, water, and ecosystems, the safer our future will be. We hope to foster a generation of children and youth with greater food literacy, life-long healthy eating habits, increased food skills and an understanding of environmental health issues. By creating a multi-generational food system, kids will have knowledge about where food comes from, so they can be part of supporting, growing, harvesting, and eating local food. That’s what Rad Kids is all about: rooting kids in agriculture.

There are multiple projects underway. Please visit the pages associated with the tabs above. You might be interested in Rad Kids Farm Camp, Rad Kids Classroom Series  or one of our other events or projects!

Rad Kids has strong ties to farms. Rad Kids Farm Camp takes place on the Dowling family farm on Howe Island, home to Doublejay Farms and Root Radical CSA.

“Doublejay Farms is a certified organic family farm on Howe Island.  We sell grass-fed beef; contact doublejayfarms@gmail.com or call (613) 546-0869 for ordering information.  We are members of the Organic Meadow Farmers Co-op; look for Organic Meadow dairy products at Tara Foods, Glenburnie Grocery, Metro and Loblaws.”
-Dianne, Peter, Tim Dowling



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